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In Addition

"In addition to what you vow and your freewill offerings, offer these to the Lord at your appointed  festivals: your burnt offerings, grain offerings, drink offerings and fellowship offerings." (Numbers 29:39) The words “in addition” sound very good when we are the recipients of something great, aren’t they? I just finished reading chapter 29 of the Book of Numbers. Ironically, I began to count how often the words “in addition” are found in this chapter. I am not an expert on the rules and guidelines of all the offering in the Bible, but I do know that God was always teaching something even through the rituals of the days of old. God is holy and we are not. He wants us to understand our need for Him. There were burnt offerings, grain offerings, peace offerings, sin offerings and guilt offerings all being overseen by the priest. A system to show mankind that sin had a cost. I wonder how we would fare if that system was in place today? I can barely keep track of them as