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Fleas on Thanksgiving

Romans 12:7a NIV if it is serving, then serve; 2013 Happy Thanksgiving! I find myself communicating a lot this past week with you. As you know I adopted Savannah Hope on Tuesday. She is a precious little thing. So she spends the day and the next morning I am playing with her and I thought I saw something on her move. Well let’s leave it at that! I was scared and angry. I adopted Savannah from the same place I adopted Mercy & Grace. I was very specific about the cat's health. Make sure she has no fleas; I have two other cats and this could be disastrous. Well lo and behold, you got it - this kitty cat has fleas. I was so overwhelmed. I drove immediately to the vet, treated Mercy and Grace just in case somehow they also has picked up theses fleas.  Luckily they were not playing together.  On the contrary they were on opposite sides of the house hissing at each other, having spit fights. So why this story on Thanksgiving?  The Bible says that each of us have be

Danger. Heed the Council

"So, if you think you are standing firm, be careful that you don’t fall!" ( 1 Corinthians 10:12) I have to stay close to God, he's my protection. When we were young our parents would say, go out and play, but "stay where I can see you".  It was for our protection.  Our parents were aware of the imminent dangers in the playground, the perils and threats in the streets.   I grew up in the Bronx and I remember walking down the block from the bus stop.  As I walked I felt a presence as if someone was walking close behind me.  So I decided to look back.  Yes, there was a man taking strides with me.  I decided to cross the street, to test and see if this was my imagination or indeed danger lurked behind me.  I crossed, he crossed.  I was afraid but smart enough to heed the instructions of my mom. The words echoed in my mind "be careful and wise." Every time I left the house those were my mom's words.    As I got older, a teenager, a young adult, thos