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Take off the Grave Clothes

What clothes you? Some of us can look back and remember what we were wrapped up in before he called us out. Lazarus was in a tomb DEAD until he heard the voice of Jesus. “Lazarus come out!” and he was unraveled. There is always stuff, the world’s worries and chaos that can bind us. We are living as dead men! John reminds us that Jesus is the Word made flesh! Yet our hearts remain hard. We are so busy living in the festivities that we have overlooked the miracle worker turning water to wine. Unbelief brings out the blind fold and we gladly secure it. The outcast responds and rivers like living water begin to flow. The invalid says, “I have no one to help me.” But, here stands the One who unravels, and he is healed! He has come to speak life and we take him as an ordinary man. Are you hungry? He is the Bread of Life. But, do not be satisfied with what nourishes the flesh. He unravels deeper! A rich inspection reveals our sin. We drop to our knees like the adul