Friday, June 24, 2011

All Authority is His Alone

Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. -Psalm 139:16 (NIV) we go again.  Two weeks ago I was told by a radiologist that I needed a biopsy. Well...I'm thinking...we went through this 6 months ago.  I think I was more frustrated that I would have to go through the test...than what the test would actually show. So...I go for the test...and lo and behold the doctor says...well the tissue is benign...Hallelujah...but simultaneously he says...we are not sure if we actually got the right tissue.  I say Hallelujah again....the One who sits on the Throne is worthy of all praise & worship! what do I do.  Honestly I was angry.  Angry that I put myself through that evasive test......even though it was needed...but then to have no definitive results.

Hmmm...did I say "definitive".  The Word of God tells me that He made me......he knows how many hairs I have  on my head......all the days ordained for me were written in his book. As I sat in the waiting room ( I was by myself because it was not a scheduled biopsy) the Lord ministered to me again, I am with you always, even until the end of time.  I know I could have called my sister or one of the beautiful ladies of OCF...or have my husband come from a far distance to sit with me....but I was peaceful.

I appreciate the "Medical field" , those men & women whom God has imparted His wisdom...doctors, technicians, medication...truly at times that's what God has used to allow me to walk and move.... literally.

But the definitive, the ultimate, that which will allow me to continue to breath in this world....the appointed time for me or anyone to leave this earth...that goes to the One who sits on the Throne...All Authority is His.  I rest in that....I will move forward with His Wisdom and go through the "due dilegence" the testing if you will.... and then I will live as if today is my last day....tomorrow is not me or to anyone.  Rejoice in today!

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God bless you!~Liz


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