Thursday, November 28, 2013

Fleas on Thanksgiving

Romans 12:7a NIV
if it is serving, then serve;

2013 Happy Thanksgiving!

I find myself communicating a lot this past week with you. As you know I adopted Savannah Hope on Tuesday. She is a precious little thing.

So she spends the day and the next morning I am playing with her and I thought I saw something on her move. Well let’s leave it at that! I was scared and angry. I adopted Savannah from the same place I adopted Mercy & Grace. I was very specific about the cat's health. Make sure she has no fleas; I have two other cats and this could be disastrous. Well lo and behold, you got it - this kitty cat has fleas. I was so overwhelmed. I drove immediately to the vet, treated Mercy and Grace just in case somehow they also has picked up theses fleas.  Luckily they were not playing together.  On the contrary they were on opposite sides of the house hissing at each other, having spit fights.

So why this story on Thanksgiving? 

The Bible says that each of us have been given gifts from God. Many different gifts but the same Spirit, Glory to God! In my overwhelming, emotional state, I called my sister crying. It's the day before Thanksgiving and we have fleas!

I have a new adorable kitty cat that I don't know what to do with. You see, my brother-in-law a.k.a Dr. Doo-Little, he is a master at taking care of kitties. He has rescued many, housed them, lost some to disease, but not once has he given up on any of these little creatures.

In my desperation, I asked my sister I asked her if she could come up to the house on Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and have Dr. Doo-Little "un" flea Savannah.

Of the many gifts dispersed by the Spirit of God I am always amazed at the gift of Service. The gift of Service is a behind the scenes gift; it does not say here I am, look at me, see what I am doing..... No, this gift in operation reminds me of how the Lord Jesus went around bringing words of encouragement, healing and then just slipped away in the crowd. No attention, just an act of kindness to someone else.

My sister tells her husband Dr. Doo-Little that I was crying and in need. So what does a person who operates in this gifting look like; how do they respond? They pack the pork shoulder, throw the turkey breast in a bag, drive one hour from New Jersey, in the middle of the precipitation (snow by my house) and arrive at my home the day before Thanksgiving to help! Help who? Help me!

He spent hours in the bathroom with Savannah, removing this infestation from this precious little tiny creature. In the morning Savannah and mom were doing much better. Oh, it does not stop there. Dr. Doo-Little got up early in morning and went to the Bronx to pick up my dad and bring him to my home. You see, originally we were to have Thanksgiving dinner at my sister house, but they did not count it an inconvenience to pack up, drive in the snow and come to my rescue.

By the way, Dr. Doo-Little real name is Marty Lagares. In the midst of it all Marty lost his dad the week before. 

So this Thanksgiving I want to give thanks to the Lord for Marty Lagares, for his selfless act of service.

BTW,  Help me wish him a Happy Birthday. Yes his birthday is just a few days away. Happy Birthday Marty!

God is so Good! 

This Thanksgiving, thank someone who is always serving, a behind the scenes person. Let them know how much you appreciate God working through them!

God bless you!~Liz


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