Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Swapping Appointments

Luke 5:3 (NIV)
Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.
A typical doctor's office; many needing to see the doctor and I hear a conversation that moved my heart to action.  This morning I had an "emergency appointment" with my dermatologist.  I've been struggling with an unusual area of skin that needed attention.  I've visited the doctor twice and spoke to them just a few days ago. I'm still not convinced of what is attacking my skin, so on to the doctor I go again; an appointment "squeezed in" just for me.

It's an elderly couple at the front desk, checking in but the receptionist says, "your appointment is not for this morning but for 2 PM this afternoon."  A little dialogue goes on, back and forth; each trying to convince the other that they are correct. The elderly lady points to her appointment book/calendar and says, "it's right hear, this is my bible".

Well, whether she really has a Bible and has read it; whether she knows the Lord or not, I do not know. I do know every one  needs the Doctor!

I've often heard that people won't listen to what you say but will surely pay attention to what you do (my translation).

As I looked at this elderly couple, wondering how long they may have had to drive; all the effort it probably took to get to the doctor's office, I found myself getting up from my chair and going to the receptionist and saying, "this couple can have my appointment, I can come back this afternoon." 

I believe when I addressed the receptionist; mentioned that I had something to tell her; she seemed to express, "what now" can't you see I am dealing with this confusion.  She wasn't rude but I could tell her mind was wondering how did the mix-up occur and how was she going to fix it.

As my words of giving up my appointment reached her ear, she smiled.  She said, "oh a
ren't you a sweetheart".  I looked at the elderly couple and said, "you can have my appointment, enjoy your day".

A sweetheart...hmmm......I'm surely a follower of Christ hoping to let my actions speak louder than words.

For a believer who has seen the "Doctor" and whose life has been "healed", this kind of action is what we do.  There are many who are not just sick in their flesh but their spiritual life needs the attention of The Doctor. 

For me these last couple of months have been a world-wind of doctors, ailments without a "full" explanation, visit after visit.  In the midst of this the Lord has ministered to me that in the middle of what seems confusion to everyone including the doctors who are trying to figure out how all my symptoms connect; the Lord ministered peace in the midst of chaos.  Yes, when the wisdom of man fails, I see God in the midst bringing order.

It seemed like a simple gesture to swap appointments.  I see a bigger picture, we all have an appointment with God.  One day we will all stand before his presence and give an account for our lives.  He has offered us his Son; he has given each of us an appointment which we WILL keep.  Are we ready? No swapping appointments; can't say we are not ready; we can't say take the elderly couple first.  When the Doctor calls, the one that offers spiritual healing, we go right into the Office--The Throne Room of his Glorious Presence. Let's be ready, we all need to be healed. Jesus answered them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. (Luke 5:3)

By the way, the Doctor not only healed me spiritually, He is doing an incredible work in my physical body too!!!!  Glory!!!!

I await the Wisdom of God to be imparted to my physician this afternoon :)

God Bless You!~Liz


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