Friday, October 24, 2014

What am I?

It's seems like just the other day I could see from the horizon life so beautiful and new.  As time goes on and change occurs, because it does; it will come, I have a sense of apprehension but also anticipation. 
I know I was not made to remain the same and even now the transformation is occurring.
The seasons are so beautiful and yet I have my favorite time of year.  Life brings gentle breezes that cause me to want to soar, almost clap in a symphony as scents of every beautiful flowers emit their fragrance.
Have you ever taken a vantage view from the top of a mountain; the large landscape to behold?  It's all creation in its place sharing and acknowledging the beauty He has made.
It's time.  I have matured and there is evidence. 
I have been made for a purpose and another passing moment has arrived. It reveals a new sense of beauty in me.  It's a visible change for all to see.
There is a sense of urgency to want more; the light is what I want but it escapes me. Alteration and transfiguration, is part of my life.
I look around and I see separation.  The tenderness is gone and I feel parched and yet I can no longer drink.
It's the breeze again but this time it seems as if it wants to take me away.  It seem darker and colder but I am not afraid. 
I hear what seems to be like a fire when it cracks; like crumble paper tossed to the ground as the wind moves it without any direction.
I have fallen and the end has come.
What am I?

God bless you!~Liz


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