Tuesday, May 5, 2015

All Aboard?

To whom can I speak and give warning? Who will listen to me? Their ears are closed so they cannot hear.
The word of the Lord is offensive to them; they find no pleasure in it. Jeremiah 6:10 (NIV)

It's a bumpy ride.  You can sit or stand and it will still get you there.  I often chose to look out the window even though it was dark and I could see very little.  Periodically a light would shine and I would get a glimpse of my location.

I was a fourteen year old girl riding the NYC subways.  I would have to get up early to ride the IRT line of the subway to reach my destination.  While some students could role out of bed and walk to their High School, I had to take the train to get to the Brooklyn Bridge stop in Manhattan. Just thinking about the trains reminds me of the subway musty scent.  If you grew up in the city you know what I mean. Can you smell it?

I remember I would station myself in the front car of the train where the conductor was.  Living in the South Bronx for me meant extra caution.  I figured if I was closer to the authority on the train, I would be safer.

As I engaged my eyes and looked out the front door glass of this moving train I could see the tracks.  I sometimes could predict the next stop based on the old shut down stations that we would pass by.

I remember the ride like it was yesterday.

As the train traveled  it seemed to me it was always going straight. Then without much warning green lights turned red.  This conductor would gently reroute this 10 piece passenger train. Well actually, sometimes the turn was sharp and would remind me what those silver handles were meant for.  To hold on! Where is he going?

The tunnel is dark; a few sparkles of white lights could be visible from time to time.  The traffic signals in this tunnel changed causing the conductor to strategically go in different directions until he got me to my destination.

What if life is like this?  What if there is a Conductor steering my life?  What if in the darkness there is a glimmer of hope?  What if I am convinced that the road I am on is truly correct and then a red light appears? What if I ignore the "do not enter" sign that warns me to stop and re-evaluate my route?  Will I run through the red light and not heed caution? 

The Bible tells us many stories of God warning his people but they did not listen.

He knew the way to the Promise Land!

Will I miss the shift that indicates go this way or the red light that yells "stop & change course?"

God is always trying to get our attention to keep us on track.

Often he will bring up the bright red light to indicate STOP but we keep going. He warns us because we are in sin and not obeying his directive.  Warnings because he knows best.  

In his love, he will exile us; have us wander in the desert, a place that is dry, where fruit can not grow. He'll send us to Egypt and allow us to go back to our own devices; he'll send a whale to get our attention and ultimately he'll send his Son to the cross!

Imagine if I knocked on the conductor's door and said, "hey, you are going the wrong way".  That would be ridiculous! After all he has been given the task to bring me to the Brooklyn Bridge station safely. He knows the way!

There is One who leads and is THE ONLY WAY!  

Sometimes I find myself waiting on life's platform not sure which way to go.  There is One who loves me, his name is Jesus and will stop at nothing to get me to my destination. Even in my failures he still finds a way to put me back on track if I allow him. 

I decided long ago to hang up my "conductor's hat" and allow the Great Conductor to steer my life.

He knows where I need to go and how to get me there.  The dangers of this world and the evil that lure me have been intercepted!  The tracks have shifted and my life re-routed.

This straight and narrow road has been designed for me.  I traded up for the One who knows where I need to go.  All aboard?  

Everyone gets an opportunity to ride with this Conductor, don't miss yours!

God bless you!~Liz


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