Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Psalm 19:8 (NIV)
The precepts of the Lord are right, giving joy to the heart. The commands of the Lord are radiant, giving light to the eyes

So the changes are coming!  Seasons are the change.

Yesterday I made a trip to the gas station.

Because of the cool air that is transitioning into our days, my vehicle tire was a little low.

I put gas in my car and inched over to the air pump.  There was a line!  I waited a few moments and then told my husband, "let's go run some errands and return."

The TPMS ((Tire Pressure Monitoring System) on my dash warned me that the weather change had affected the tire pressure.  My car was no longer running at its best. The tire was deficient; the pressure was low and my travels whether I knew or not were being affected.

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System, what a great tool!

"Let's do a pulse check".  That saying does not necessarily mean to check our heart, though a beating heart is really a great thing! 

We use this language to re-evaluate, to examine; to do a "check-over" to make sure all is going well physically, spiritually and mentally.   Are there any lights flashing indicating an unbalance somewhere?

We don't have lights that inform us that there is something wrong. What we do have is the Holy Spirit of God that speaks and gently warns us that our attention is required; something is not right; pay attention, we need an adjustment!

I ran my errands and returned about 90 minutes later.
Lo and behold, there is still a line!

So, I got on the long stretch of vehicles and waited.  I looked behind me and even the Police Officer was in line.The season's change had affected everyone.

There is a system that has been made available to us.  This is the PRAYing system.

Feel a disturbance, not sure what is going on inside you?  There is heaviness in your soul.  Your thinking is off. Your joy is diminishing.  You're pointing fingers and blaming everyone for your heart's condition?

GET ON LINE!  Sit at the Master's feet.
Amazingly it seems we are always 1st online.
No waiting.  He inclines his ear to the righteous.

Hear I am Lord.  Changes have arrived and I need a check-up!
Sadness and suffering has gripped us? Are we stagnate?

I'm online Lord.

He brings joy to my heart!

God bless you!~Liz


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