Friday, November 6, 2020

It's 12:01AM

Wednesday night Bible study; we reach from today and cross over into Thursday.  

You see our study begins at 11:30pm and ends at 12:15am.  I wanted to welcome the new day in his Word and reflect upon his goodness.  When I see the clock hit the midnight hour the words on my lips are, "great is his faithfulness, his mercies are new every morning."  It's my paraphrase to Lamentations 3:22-23.

Now to bed at 1am.  Thursday seemed like an ordinary day.  The Lord woke me up at 9am.  I ran some errands with my dad and we met at IHOP for some lunch.  What I did not know was that shortly after my dad would finish eating his lunch his body would begin to lean to the right.  He quickly caught my attention and I called out his name. My dad did not respond. 

Great is his faithfulness.

I jumped out of my seat in the booth we were sitting in.  I'm trying to get my dad back into a sitting position but I lack the strength.  I yelled, "someone call 911!"

I called out my dad's name over and over!  A good Samaritan comes to my table and lifts my dad up and lays him on the IHOP floor. I continue to call his name and he is faintly saying "I'm o.k."  

His mercies are new every morning.

The good Samaritan remains with me along with the onlookers and those on the phone with 911.  

We waited for what seemed forever.

My dad is taken to the emergency room.

Life is an interesting rollercoaster. We don't know what lies before us within today, the 24 hours in it.

The Lord ministered to me a few weeks ago to study his Word within the hours of 11:30pm-12:15am for this short season.  Indeed much joy has come to me knowing that I am awake welcoming the new day and giving thanks to God.  Remembering that his great mercies abound!

As my dad laid on the floor all I could do was call on the Name of the One who extends Mercy to me!  Jesus help me!  

I no longer was in a crowd but in a secret place with my Father the Giver of Life! I called on him to keep my dad alive.  I was lost in the Spirit as I cried out to him on the IHOP floor.

Let the crowd hear. Let them witness the power of God.  God's presence is everywhere and the cry of his children ever so close.

Great is his faithfulness - His mercies are new every morning!

I arrived home this Thursday evening tired and thankful.

We must follow up with more doctors but the Great Physician has given us one more day.  A day filled with his mercy.

The good samaritan never left my side.  Thank you Lord for sending him.  I never met him before.  His name is DeeJay.  May the Good Lord bless him abundantly. 

Every morning is an opportunity to thank God before the day even unfolds.  His mercies that he lavishes on us are indeed a river of life-giving strength and breath. 

Thank Father for preserving my dad.

Great is Your Faithfulness to Me!

God bless you!~Liz


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