Monday, April 3, 2017


“I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener.  John 15:1

If Jesus is the true vine, does that mean there is a false vine?


There are other stems that grip and attach themselves. They trail and creep along to see what they can attach themselves too; a means to support their destructive agenda. Not every vine is beneficial and produces well-being.

Every vine seeks a place to latch itself; to fasten its grip with tendrils to anything that will allow it to live and thrive.

When the vine is Christ, it causes fruit to grow with the Father himself as the Gardner. He provides nourishment from his Word; tends to his own promoting and sustaining life!

When the false vine takes its place it grows quickly consuming everything in its path.

It moves is a web-like format of confusion and can obscure the surface of what it’s clinging to. It strips even the very identity from its victim, overwhelming the nourishment and life from its target. It leaves an external covering that overshadows the object from being recognized.

Check the roots!

These vines of confusion are wrapped together with discontentment, misperception, and lies that are just a little off from the truth; nevertheless LIES!

When a false vine is detected, it is the Gardner himself that points it out. He will begin the process of exposing it and even asking us to co-labor in the removal and stripping process.

Be careful that the vine is not just tossed to the side. Go deep! 

These vines are resilient and will grow anywhere. They will root themselves on rocks, among thorns and even on top of a garbage piles. If we let them, they will even lodge themselves on good soil and bring destruction, a state of confusion that will cause us to elude the truth we know.

They must be completely destroyed.

The TRUE VINE prunes carefully to produce life and encourages new growth. It seems painful and even questionable at times, but the fruit is the evidence that the “cut” was needed.

Cling to the Truth!  Uproot what is false.

The Truth hurts, but it brings life!

God bless you!~Liz


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