Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Where did the peas go?

Psalm 62:1a
“Truly my soul finds rest in God.”

It’s been a long morning and Sue is walking to the cafeteria. Her eyes glance over all the choices on the menu. She picks up her tray, a Styrofoam compartmentalized plate which she actually enjoys. After all, the peas cannot touch my mashed potatoes!

She can smell the garlic potatoes and the vapors from the sweet carrots make her mouth water. She is going a little light on her lunch so she chooses the roasted lemon pepper chicken. Add some peas and she is just about done. She realizes that a little piece of cornbread never hurt anyone, so on her plate it goes.

Her plate looks so good and colorful. She can’t wait to sit and begin to enjoy this feast. 
Because time is limited she takes her lunch to go and covers it with the clear plastic lid.

People are moving back and forth, everyone ready for their lunch likewise making choices and piling food on their plates.

As she begins to walk back to her office from the cafeteria she greets those that are passing by.
She bumps into Sally. Sally just started working there, a college friend from years back. As she goes to greet her, her hand slips, and her lunch tips over and lands on the floor. 

Luckily the lid held it together. Unfortunately, what was once separated had become one big pile of multi-color, textured mush! She can’t tell where the potatoes begin and where on earth did the peas go?

Life is hard. We have so many choices and decisions throughout the day; it’s difficult to hear the birds singing. If we are tired and worn out, the birds actually sound annoying. What a shame!

As I take a back seat in this time in my life, I can see how everyday activities can become stressful. I’m challenged by disease in my body and taking a time of rest is starting to cause me to gain strength and direction once again.

Life can seem like the lunch line. Well, life is more like the toppled tray. Everything is mixed together. 

We try to make sense of the day's “to-do list” and it seems we are not making progress. Add a little stress from sickness or family dynamics and we seem to be going backward instead of progressing in this beautiful life we have been given.

I’ve learned and continue to assess that sometimes de-compartmentalizing all my thoughts and challenges gives me a better opportunity to glance from afar at what is actually going on in my life and in my head.

Writing down all that has to be done and breaking it down into smaller assignments for myself, gives me a more tangible approach and even better success in accomplishing the things of life.

After all, we can’t just stick our heads in the sand and act like life and its intricacies don’t exist, right?

Moms need a break. Dads need a break. Young adults are overwhelmed as pressures seem to pile up.

Doctors, teachers, and preachers, we all need to live in this fast-paced world.

But we must learn to sit and breathe.

Often, I sit and dialogue with the Lord as I make lists. 

I prioritize the list. 

I cross of accomplishments.

And if somehow all does not get done (that’s every day), well tomorrow is a new day!

I’ve said it before; we must jump off the “hamster wheel”. Life is a gift and it is precious.

The Lord wants us to enjoy today. We have no idea what tomorrow holds (except the things from my previous to-do list). :)

His grace is sufficient. Let’s embrace life and enjoy the breath he has given us today.

God bless you! Liz
Certified Christian Life Coach

It’s Practical | Make a list.

Ex: Short-term goal vs. long-term goal.Weekly household chores.Today vs Tomorrow. 
Grocery list.Vacation list.

Personalize it for you! Don’t forget to listen to the birds. They sing beautiful songs and are never stressed about where their next worm will come from!

God bless you!~Liz


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